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About KMD Group of Company

  • Knowledge Management and Dedication (KMD)
  • Think High, Aim Big, Get Knowlegde, Join KMD

Mr. Thaung Tin (left), Co-Founder and Chairman/
Ms. Tyn Tyn Aye, Co-founder and President
Thaung and Tyn both hold a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Computer Science and Technology of Yangon, Myanmar. With their career background as university lecturers, they sensed the future rise of digital technology, and KMD (Knowledge Management Dedication) in 1986. Their vision was to develop people and the country with Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Starting as a small private training institution, KMD was reorganised to become a private limited company, and now has more than 140 franchises with up to 30 vocational courses. The institute also provides joint diploma courses with Ministry of Educations; and diplomas and degrees from international Universities.

Myanmar’s pioneer educational institute that aims to develop people and the wider country with Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Currently lead by Mr.Ronald Aung Moe Shwe (CEO).
About KMD 
Then KMD was reorganized and became a private limited company since 1990. KMD formed subsidiaries and became KMD Group of Companies. KMD have Quality Management System, ISO Certified (ISO 9001:2008) for KMD Training Centre (KMD Education Services), approved by GIC, UK. The total work force are 842 (as of April 2018). With its dedication for achieving the highest degree of customers’ satisfaction for the quality of products and services, coupled with its own Quality Management System, KMD’s management style has successfully led to achieve and update ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification from GiC, U.K.
KMD had joined the United Nations Global Compact since May 7, 2012 to support policies and practices to meet the ten universally accepted principles in 4 areas of: Human Rights, Labor, Green environment and Anti-Corruptions.

Company's presentation

Our Mission

Provide the best Value for the Country with Quality products, ICT Solutions and Develop People with ICT Education Trainings.

Our Vision

Develop People and the Country with Information and Communication Technology.

Corporate values 
Customer Focus

Circular Economy

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System qualified company. The UN Global Compact participant company.

Circular Economy | Environmental issues | Zero Emission

The development of re-X (reduce, reuse, recycle, refurbish, resale, re-production, re-model, re-change, remanufacturing, etc.) technology and practices is one of the focuses KMD is considering to leverage this technology & practices for the transition towards a Circular Economy, environmental issues, and Zero Emission concept.

The reference mentioned that, Circular business models can be defined as business models that are closing, narrowing, slowing, intensifying, and dematerializing loops, to minimize the resource inputs into and the waste and emission leakage out of the organizational system.


Business Models for a Circular Economy
Business Model
1| Procurement – Sell renewable energy and renewable materials

(e.g. Solar power, Inverter, UPS, PowerBank @ KMD Sales)

– Use renewable energy and renewable materials inside the company

(e.g. LED light, Solar power, Inverter, UPS, Copier @ KMD Offices)

2| Collection and Recycling – Collect products whose service lives have ended

(e.g. used computers & accessories @ KMD Offices)

– Collect waste and by-products that are generated in the company’s processes & operations

(e.g. used computers, old record books/papers @ KMD Offices | donation of computers to schools)

3| Extend product service lives – Recover used products

(e.g. regular maintenance of computers, office equipment, power generators, vehicles @ KMD Offices)

– Collect and resell used products

(e.g. used computers & accessories, office equipment, etc. @ KMD MRS)

– Get profits by upgrading and changing/repairing disposal parts

(e.g. upgrade computers, mobile devices @ KMD Service)

– Focus on customers who prefer premium quality, and make products that will last long time

(e.g. selling premium quality products, providing quality services, that last long time @ KMD Sales)

– Make earning models such as pay-per-service (cost is incurred in accordance with the amount used)

(e.g. computers rental, service contract @ KMD MRS)

4| Convert from ownership to sharing – Make more efficient use of products/services possible by means of lending, borrowing, sharing, exchanging products, and take full advantages on products & services

(e.g. Server & network, printer @ KMD Offices | donation to schools)

5| Change products into services – Make the model where people only pay for the amount of products & services that they use as Pay-as-you-go, lease, rental, performance contracts, etc.

(e.g. education training, computers rental, service contract @ KMD Institute, KMD MRS)

Zero Emission

The concept of zero emissions is based on improving technologies and processes to the point of maximum resource productivity and virtually no waste. This goal can be approached in a number of ways, including technological innovation, pollution prevention, cleaner production, by-product synergy, or industrial ecology. All of these are ways of eliminating wastes or turning wastes into profitable resources, while preventing harm to environmental and human health.

Ownership structure

Structure of KMD Group of Companies

KMD Education Services (KMD Institute) 
(Provides Application Courses, Professional Courses, Vocational Courses, International Diploma and Degree Courses and provide Oversea Study Counseling Services.)
KMD Sales and Services 
(Biggest Retail Chain for IT & Mobile and Authorized Service Provider for Prestige International Brands.)
Direct Channel Distribution ( DCD ) 
(Distribution of ICT & Mobile Products through Dealers Channel and covering the widest distribution network in Myanmar. )
Myanmar Reliable Source ( MRS ) 
(One Stop Commercial products and solution service provider in Myanmar, having continue and lasting relationship with major Enterprises/Corporation/ Government. )
Softcomm Technology 
(Provides Software Solution, Application and Web Development.)

Our Education Partners:

• NCC Education
• University of Greenwich
• University of Portmouth
• Microsoft
• Huawei
• City & Guilds

Overseas Studies Counseling Services

• Providing Information about University & Courses
• Assisting admission application process
• Consultation for academic career
• Associated Universities
• Assumption University (Thailand)
• University of Portsmouth (UK)
• University of Greenwich (UK)
• Nottingham University (Malaysia/UK)
• Middlesex University (UK)
• EF Brittan College (UK)
• London School Of Commerce (UK)
• James Cook University (Singapore/Australia)
• Curtin University (Singapore/Australia)
• Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
• Kaplan Education Higher Academy (Singapore)
• Nanyang Institute of Management (Singapore)
• LithanHall Academy (Singapore)
• Informatics (Singapore)
• TMC Academy (Singapore)
• Birmingham City University (Thailand, UK)
• Auston Institute of Management
• PSB Academy (Singapore)
• Dimensions Institute College (Singapore)
• University of West of England

Company' strategy
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