Business ethics

Required to comply with the code
All directors, senior management and employees are required to comply with this set of code of conduct.

Monitoring compliance
Any employee can feel free to report or complain to HR Management, Senior Management, and Top
Management, if someone from KMD doesn’t comply with this set of code of conduct, and it will be solved with
case-by-case for seriousness of cases.

Anti-corruption programmes and procedures
We, KMD believe that, from the ethical point of view, corruption is a violation of vital principles of social and economic life. For business companies, corruption creates unfair conditions for trade and finance. We appreciate the initiative effort of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) which came into force in December 2005. KMD will not tolerate or in any way be involved in any form of corruption or bribery, including any kind of illegal payment offer or similar benefit to administrative officials, in order to influence decision-making. KMD will undertake that, none of its employees or managers will offer, pay, promise, authorize or give anything of value to any employee or manager for purposes of obtaining or retaining favors or any improper advantages. Within the company, KMD has policies towards corruption, bribery and extortion:

  • Not to give and take any form of bribery among employees.

  • Not to give any form of bribery to management levels.

  • Not to accept any form of bribery from customers, suppliers, and business partners.

  • To obey applicable local and regional legal laws.

  • To respect international legal frameworks against corruption.

Whistleblowing Policy
The following policy guidelines were adopted.

  • KMD welcomes comments on the quality of its service and encourages those with concerns to raise them sooner rather than later, so that matters can be resolved at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • If customers or employees are not satisfied with the way they have been treated, explain the problems to the member of staff with whom they are dealing. (Many complaints can be easily resolved at this stage without the need to make a formal complaint.)
  • If their complaint has not been resolved informally, they can ask to speak to the next upper level (or) Manager and inform to make a formal complaint.
  • If in doubt, Customer Service staff can advise customers to whom customer should address complaint. Complaint can be done by letter, telephone, email or in person.
  • All complaints at this level will be dealt with within 2 working weeks.

HR Management Senior Management keep all these complaints as confidential, and treated it as only need
to know basic for essential Management group, in order to protect an employee/person who complains or who
reveals illegal/unethical behavior from retaliation of other person.

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