Corporate Communication

Board of Directors Meeting Attendance- 2020

Heads of Department Meeting Attendance – 95%

CSR Activities in 2020

Below are some (not exhaustive) of our CSR activities in 2020:

  • Donated to COVID-19 Task Force via UMFCCI

  • Funded for KMD Employees Welfare Support and Allowance during COVID-19 Crisis

  • Initiated Health Practice: Body weight challenge program and COVID-19 fund

  • Donated a fixed amount to COVID-19 fund for every Laptop / Smartphone sold

  • Donated rice to monasteries every month

  • Donated COVID-19 Fund by all KMD staff members

  • Donated to National Blood Bank

  • Donated blood for the 5th consecutive year (13th, 14th and 15th times) in the company’s history by KMD staff members

  • Awarded KMD Staff Members’ family members for good achievements in their matriculation exams

  • Funded scholarship awards for undergraduate students attending at our partner institutes

  • Donated rice and cash to Lal Ti Vispassana Meditation Center, due to difficulties during Covid-19

  • Funded for employees’ welfare support and allowance during COVID-19 Crisis

  • Donated to a Non- Profit Organisation.

  • Donated to Sayadaw Bhaddanta U Pyae Zaw Ta, Principle Speaker of Maha Myaing Taw Dhamma Center, Kalewa Township

  • Donated to Lal Ti Vispassana Meditation Center

CSR Activities 2021

2021 financial situations (decreased revenue, high currency fluctuations and inflation) and 3rd wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Myanmar had made many businesses in difficult status.

Although Financial revenue has impacted some significant negative effects on KMD since there has been change in consumers’ behaviors and spending due to multiple economic factors as in the industry; KMD still has strong financial and cash flow to ride along the waves in 2021.

For those earlier days of the crisis, KMD was in a Dilemma (difficult choice) situation, but KMD continued to make its best effort to serve all the consumers and survive the situations in Myanmar.

During COVID crisis in 2020, 2021, KMD had contributed over (300+ Million) MMK to the community via public and private channels on COVID-19 pandemic preventions including insurances, taking treatments, post covid 19 and livelihoods of employees during the pandemic lockdown.

60% of KMD employees got vaccinations in 2021.

100% KMD employees received Health and Life Insurance coverage in 2021.

Communications with external stakeholders on business impacts of Covid-19

KMD is fairly & equally serving and communicating to all relevant external stakeholders such as customers, students, suppliers, creditors, the local community, society, organizations, etc., for the prevention and safety of COVID at KMD Sales Centers, Services Centers, Education Training Centers, and for the continuity and sustainability of businesses, although COVID pandemic crisis and impact on revenues, increased costs had some negative business impacts on KMD

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