Performance review & board appointments

10 criteria for selecting board members

  1. Innovators/creative problem solvers

  2. Strategic thinkers

  3. Leadership development

  4. Challengers

  5. Diversity Backgrounds

  6. Industry experience

  7. Sales experience

  8. Marketing experience

  9. Finance experience

  10. Capital-raising experience

Board evaluations / assessment
Board evaluations will be planned and they are continuous and ongoing process. Board evaluation will include the assessment of both the evaluation committee and individual board members. Evaluations include compliance and risk management competencies, competencies and experience in business related and organization related areas: strategy, innovation, globalization, growth, etc.

Practice I: When Should a Board be Evaluated?
common practice: an annual basis.

Practice II: What Should be Evaluated?

  1. Quality of the monitoring and risk management role.

  2. Quality of the strategic and other business related advice.

  3. Board dynamics and board members’ pro active participation.

  4. Diversity of the board.

Practice III: Who Should Conduct the Evaluation?
All board members to be involved and engaged. Company Founders / Chair, Senior Directors, Heads of HR, Board committee, Nominating committee made responsible for the process.

Practice IV: How Should Board Evaluation Be Disclosed?
Separate report (and/or) Annual report

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Review:
KMD became the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified Center since 2011, and every year of ISO Audit, KMD Visions, Missions, Strengths had been reviewed and updated. In 2017, KMD had been certified with the latest version ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, and KMD Visions, Missions, Strengths had already been reviewed and updated.

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