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Consumption Expenses @ KMD Group of Companies

Electricity Power 127+ million MMK
Fuel / Gasoline 49+ million MMK
Water 11+ million MMK
Non Financial

Customer health and safety policy
The policy is to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health & safety of our customers while they are at our Company premises.
This includes:

  • Assessing risks to health, safety and the environment associated with our workplace
  • Strengthening our precautions
  • Identifying hazards through incident reporting
  • Providing suitable facilities for our customers
  • Ensuring information, instruction, and training are timely and appropriate
  • Periodically auditing and reviewing methods & procedures to ensure they are still valid
  • Re-appraising working practices when circumstances change or new hazards arise

Management’s responsibility cannot be discharged without the co-operation of all employees and guests. With the implementation of the company policy on Safety and Health in all its offices, the Company tries to attain a zero accident environment for the benefit of its customers and employees.

Supplier/Contractor selection and criteria

Prequalification and evaluation decisions involve the consideration of:

  1. General information & history about the contractors
  2. Criteria for the prequalification process stage
  3. Criteria for bid evaluation

Criteria include:

  • Quality of work & products
  • Cost
  • Delivery capability
  • Maintenance & support
  • Past performance track records
  • Technology & Technical resources
  • Insurances
  • Taxation
  • Health & safety
  • Financial information & stability
  • Skills including professional, managerial, and technical expertise
  • Responsible attitude

Environmentally-friendly value chain

KMD recognizes the benefit, usefulness, and need of environmentally friendly technologies in 21st century and beyond.We hope that, global 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for2016 – 2030 will protect our planet and transform our World to better, healthy and resourceful World.Being an IT Education Training company, and IT & Mobile products sales company, the nature of our operations makes us no direct, significant bad impact on environment, or negative impact on environment was relatively very small.KMD always tries to provide its employees with safe and healthy workplace. And ensure reasonable access to drinkable water and sanitary facilities, adequate lighting, ventilation, and fire safety, while protecting the natural nature of environment.

Our Policy guidelines include:

  1. To maintain the environment clean & healthy, safety, and enjoyable.
  2. To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health in working environment, and provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities.
  3. To implement emergency procedures such as evacuation in case of fire or other significant incident at working environment.
  4. To monitor safe and healthy working conditions.
  5. To provide necessary training to ensure that employees are competent to do work at their working environment.
  6. To reduce energy usage, to use renewable energy and recycled paper, to implement efficient consumption of natural resources, and to protect the environment.


Over the past years,

  1. KMD made its working environment and shopping areas of Sales center clean, neat & tidy, safe, and enjoyable places. Energy saving LED lights had been deployed. Re-cycled papers were used. LCD monitors had been totally deployed in place of CRT monitors, and energy efficient Air-Cons were used.
  2. As usual, all working areas were well lit including stairs or dark areas. Cleaner staffs kept working areas & shopping areas clean daily. Toilets were cleaned daily. Purified, drinkable waters were provided at work places for easy access.

For upcoming years 2018 – 2023,

  1. We will continue to give awareness raising trainings to all employees on environmental protection.
  2. We will promote to reduce waste materials and consumption of resources (energy, fuels, water, electricity, paper, packaging, etc.)
  3. We will participate in activities that are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of products, services and processes.
  4. We will use environmentally friendly technologies.
  5. We will raise awareness among suppliers by asking them for environmental safety data on their products.
  6. We will study environmental management systems & procedures for evaluating the progress, minimizing negative impacts on environment, and transferring good practices.

 Measurement of outcomes

So far as of 2018, KMD has no known cases of legal cases or fines that are related to environmental principles. Costs on electricity power consumption are reduced after deploying energy saving LED lights, and use of LCD monitors in place of old CRT monitors.Environmentally hazarded waste materials were not produced.For upcoming years, KMD will try its best to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards, as well as implement an effective system to identify and eliminate potential hazards to the environment. KMD will continue to deploy efficient use of energy, renewable energy, and prevent waste materials output, and protect the natural resources and green environment.

Interaction with communities

During 2017, awareness explanation has been given to every newcomer employees about the importance of the UN Global Compact and the company’s participation.We continue to keep ourselves in our operations that we are not complicit in human rights abuses or not conflicted with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Keeping in the mind that Social Responsibility is the part of the company’s responsibilities, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) related several activities such as blood donation activities (3 times per year), donations to elder people, contributions to schools, museum, monasteries, donations for religious events and traditional fairs have been continued throughout 2017.

During 2018 – 2019,

  1. Awareness training session will be given to all relevant level of employees within the company to raise the awareness on 30 Articles mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  2. Suggestion system such as suggestion box, email complaint system will be continued in each location for employees to submit their complaints and/or issues with regards to unfair treatment or abuses of Human Rights. These complaints will be reviewed by HR department, senior management group and will take actions.
  3. Effectiveness of suggestion system, and resolution on Human Rights abuses will be reviewed and updated within the company.
  4. Human resources, and other policies and procedures relating to Human Rights will be reviewed and updated.
  5. Consultation with stakeholders will be made regarding Human Rights policy and implementation.
  6. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) related activities will be continued every year.

During 2018 – 2023,

  1. Human Rights related concerns will be kept discovered, resolved and protected.
  2. Further advanced consultations with stakeholders will be arranged that are based on seriousness regarding Human Rights policy, implementation, concerns, and resolutions.
  3. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) related activities will be continued.

Measurement of outcomes

During our 6th year (2017 – 2018), we have no significant cases of human rights violations, and we keep ourselves that we are not complicit in any of human rights abuses. For upcoming years, we will continue measuring our progresses by:

  • Reviewing our implementation results by senior management
  • Internal audits of Human Rights performance
  • Consultation with stakeholders
  • Continued investigations of incidents of Human Rights abuses within the company
  • Resolutions of Human Rights related issues within the company

Anti-corruption programmes and procedures

We KMD believe that, from the ethical point of view, corruption is a violation of vital principles of social and economic life. For business companies, corruption creates unfair conditions for trade and finance. We appreciate the initiative effort of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) which came into force in December 2005. KMD will not tolerate or in any way be involved in any form of corruption or bribery, including any kind of illegal payment offer or similar benefit to administrative officials, in order to influence decision-making. KMD will undertake that, none of its employees or managers will offer, pay, promise, authorize or give anything of value to any employee or manager for purposes of obtaining or retaining favors or any improper advantages.Within the company, KMD has policies towards corruption, bribery and extortion:

  1. Not to give and take any form of bribery among employees.
  2. Not to give any form of bribery to management levels.
  3. Not to accept any form of bribery from customers, suppliers, and business partners.
  4. To obey applicable local and regional legal laws.
  5. To respect international legal frameworks against corruption.


Over the past years, internal and external checks & balances system over the business transactions were audited by internal audits, external audits, finance, administration and HR department, in order to detect and minimize anti-corruption risks and to respond appropriate actions to incidents. For upcoming years 2018 – 2023,

  1. We will communicate to all employees to follow on the anticorruption commitment.
  2. Internal and external checks & balances system over the business transactions will be kept audited, maintained, and controlled by internal audits, external audits, finance, administration and HR department.
  3. Appropriate actions will be taken against to incidents.
  4. Our policies and implementations towards corruption, bribery and extortion will be reviewed and amended, based on priority and requirement.

Measurement of outcomes

KMD has never been involved in any legal cases with its business suppliers, partners, related to corruption and bribery. Because of regular and compulsory auditing system practiced within the company, corruption risks were almost minimized or non-existed.For upcoming years, KMD will continue to keep its commitment to be in compliance with its policies, applicable regional laws, regulations and standards; as well as implement an effective system to identify and eliminate hazards of corruption, bribery and extortion; and all its outcomes will be periodically measured, reviewed, and necessary actions will be further carried out against the problems.

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“Respectful Workplaces” 2018 research project, by Factive Consulting group
During October, November 2018, Factive Consulting group (https://www.factiveconsulting.com/) had conducted a ground-breaking survey “Respectful Workplaces” research project that explored the matters of bullying and sexual harassment at workplaces among large companies in Myanmar.

It was their great initiative to help showcase businesses operating in Myanmar that are forward thinking and committed to driving a positive workplace culture. Participating companies (including KMD) are helping to inform future initiatives to that respond to sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, as well as gaining insights on improvements they could make within their own business.

Their survey result info-graphics showed the key findings of their research at KMD workplace (blue color info-graphic), and the overall key findings of their research among large companies in Myanmar (black color info-graphic).